Kennel Hours

365 Days a Year
6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and
3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The Coastal Dog Services boarding kennel, located at the corner of Warwick Blvd and Nettles Drive, offers short and long-term boarding. The runs are 10’X4′ outside and 3’X4′ on the inside; the dogs can go out, or stay in the heated/air conditioned kennel. We also have an indoor Dog Room and playpen for smaller dogs.

VISITING OUR FACILITY: We have an “Open-Kennel” policy, so no appointment is necessary. You are welcome to visit during kennel hours. We are best able to spend time with you in the afternoon, since mornings are very busy. Please do not bring your dog, unless you are registering him/her for boarding or day care that day.

EXERCISE: We have 5 secure yards where (weather permitting) your dog can spend the day playing with dogs of a similar size and temperament. There is shade, shelter, and fresh water in each yard. In hot weather, dogs can play in the wading pool, or play “hose games” with the staff. Please tell us if your dog is temperature sensitive, or has activity restrictions, so that we can “custom-fit” your dog’s exercise schedule. Dog-aggressive pets will exercise alone in the yards. We reserve the right to not put your dog out if it places a staff member or any dog in danger, or if he is an escape risk. Your dog will work very hard at playing here. It is normal for dogs to be tired after boarding with us!

BATHING: Your dog may get dirty in the yard. We offer a temperature controlled bath that removes dirt, loose hair, and dead skin (and feels great!). Baths are $20.00, though some long-haired, thick-coated breeds may be extra. If your dog is getting a “going home” bath, it is best to pick up during afternoon hours to give him time to dry.

FEEDING: Fresh water is always available, and clean bowls are provided. Some dogs can not tolerate diet changes, and may get diarrhea . It is best to bring your dog’s own food (do not send snacks your dog does not normally eat). If your dog drops weight quickly or is a finicky eater, we suggest bringing canned food that can be mixed with dry. Please alert us to dietary restrictions or digestive problems. When you pick your dog up, avoid giving “extra treats” or table food. It is best to allow your dog to re-adjust to his/her regular diet slowly.

MEDICATIONS: We give oral & topical medications for a fee of $1 per dog per day.  To make it easier for your dog to take the medicine, we hide the medicine in a treat, so please bring  a treat for your dog’s medicine to be “hidden” in, such as a pill pocket, cheese, canned food, etc. If medications are for a life-threatening condition, please ask your vet for recommendations as to who would be the most appropriate caretaker. If your dog is coughing, vomiting, has nasal discharge, diarrhea, unexplained redness or discharge of the eye(s), or unexplained skin sores or “bald patches” please board with your vet. We do not board dogs who are sick, unable to walk or eat unassisted, or who show symptoms of a contagious condition.  We do not give injections

VACCINES: Dogs must have current Bordetella, Parvo-Distemper, Rabies vaccinations and Intestinal Parasite (Fecal) test. Vaccines do not take effect immediately and should be given at least one week before boarding. A fecal test should be done annually, and we recommend heartworm preventatives. Bring your shot record with you. We do not accept dogs without verification of shots.

Please apply flea preventatives several days before bringing your dog so that it can immediately go into the play yard (dogs “mouth” each other while playing in the yard, and we do not want other dogs ingesting flea treatment chemicals).

MEDICAL EMERGENCIES: We do not pay for any illness associated with the risks inherent in a kennel situation, such as kennel cough, or assume responsibility for injuries your dog may incur from other dogs in our care. If your dog becomes sick, is injured, or does not eat for several days, we will try to contact you and seek treatment at your regular vet. If your vet is not accessible, your dog will go to a licensed vet (there is one next door to our facility) or to the Emergency Clinic. If the illness or injury is not due to our negligence, you are responsible for the bill. Please designate a local contact person who can transport your pet and make financial arrangements on your behalf. If local contact person can not be reached, we will transport your dog to your vet for non-emergency treatment at a charge of $25 per hour (including travel time). In a life-threatening situation, we will immediately transport your dog to the nearest vet.

WHAT TO BRING: Please mark your dog’s “personal items” with his or her name in permanent ink.

* Bring your shot record. We require proof of shots, and will turn away dogs without proper verification.

* Your dog must wear a properly fitted collar that he/she can not slip out of (a snug buckle/snap collar, preferably with ID tags). Without a properly fitted collar, we can not control your dog in an emergency, and reserve the right to not put him/her in the yard. We do not allow choke, spiked, metal, or pinch collars to remain on dogs in our care.

* Most dogs are more interested in their friends, or are re-charging their “batteries” for their next outing in the yard, but we will give your dog any safe toy you bring. Be aware that toys do sometimes get lost.

* We provide raised sleeping platforms and clean bedding. You may bring bedding, understanding that it may get shredded or soiled, even if your dog has never done this at home (some dogs will “mark territory” or show submission in the presence of other dogs by urinating in their runs). We are unable to wash pillow beds or large comforters, so these are best left at home. Tell us if your dog eats fabric – this can cause a life-threatening condition.

CONTACTING US: We have a 24 hour answering service (it is impossible to hear the phone in the kennel). We check messages at 9:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., so we may not get your call until those times. We operate on a “no news is good news” basis, and generally do not return calls “checking on” dogs unless there is a medical reason. This lets us spend more time with the dogs, and keeps rates down by not having staff in the office making long distance calls. If you have special concerns about leaving your dog, please discuss them with us in advance.

HOURS: We are open 365 days a year. Our hours are 6:30-9:30 AM and 3-6 PM. Outside of kennel hours we are engaged in specialized training and private lessons, and will not accept boarders.

RESERVATIONS are strongly recommended, especially for holiday, weekend, and summer boarding. During peak times, if your dog is crate-trained and you can bring your own crate, we may be able to board your dog even if the kennel is full. When “crating” at night is pre-arranged, there is no additional charge. Don’t feel bad about having your dog crated at night while boarding with us; he/she will still spend all day in the yards playing, and will be tired! If an emergency develops, come in during regular kennel hours and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

PAYMENT & CANCELLATIONS: Payment may be made by cash or check (we do not accept credit cards) when you pick up your dog. At peak boarding times we require pre-payment. A deposit and regular payments are required for long-term boarders. Since boarding is our primary business, we reserve the right to charge for all nights reserved (even if not used) unless cancellation is received 5 days prior to drop-off date. There is a cancellation charge of $15 for pre-paid boarding during holiday and peak boarding times.

Regular Boarding Rates
Up to 24 lbs. – $15.00 per night
25 lbs. to 49 lbs. – $16.00 per night
50 lbs. – 74 lbs. – $17.00 per night
75 lbs. and over – $18.00 per night
100 lbs. and over – $19.00 per night

Discounts available for multiple dogs from the same family

“Last Day” Day Care – $10.00 (See below)

Boarding rates are discounted $1.00 per night for dogs staying over 30 nights.

Boarders must be picked up during kennel hours. Boarders picked up during morning shift, or who are staying until the afternoon so they can be bathed, will not be charged the $10.00 “last day” day care fee.

We reserve the right to charge for all nights reserved, unless cancellation or date change is received 3 days prior to drop off date. We actually do this only if we have turned other boarders away for the spot you reserved.

Long Term Boarding Discount: Dogs staying longer than thirty nights will be given a $1.00 per night discount, starting on the 31st night. Long term boarding fees are paid in advance every two weeks. Dogs that are boarding long-term must be bathed periodically if they become soiled ($20 for most dogs).

Bathing Service
$20.00 for bath & blow-dry.
(may be more for giant breeds, long coated breeds, or dogs with matted fur)

Day Care
$12.00 per day. No reservations needed.

A message from Coastal dogs…
While you were out, we chased each other in the yard, splashed in the pool, barked at the mailman, dances in the spray from the hoses, dragged sticks around, played soccer-ball, howled at the fire trucks, made new friends, played hide-n-seek, snoozed in the sun, rolled in the grass (some of us rolled in the dirt too!), got belly rubs and behind the ear scratches, chased our tails, and barked at the squirrels.

We may be sleepy when we get home!


Click here to see what forms are needed for your dog to board (in addition to your dog’s shot record)

Note:  Some policies may change before they can be changed on the website.  If you have a question regarding any policies, please call or email us.