1. Sit/Down/Stand

2. Heeling

3. Right Turn/Right About Turn:

Methodology: To turn a two-step turn into a three-step turn.
A. Right Turn: Always lead with the left leg. Place left foot 45° to the right, and right foot against left foot to make a “V” with your feet. The left foot then moves in the new direction.
B. About Turn: Lead with the left leg, 45° to the right. Place right foot against left, make a “T” with your feet. Move left foot in the new direction.

4. Sit/Stay — Leaving the Dog:
A. Left hand holds leash behind the dog’s ears.
B. Use right hand to signal dog and say: “STAY.”
C. Step directly in front of the dog, leading with the right foot.
D. Hold position for up to 2 minutes by next week.
E. Step back next to dog. Release and praise: “GOOD SIT STAY!”

REMEMBER: Do not stare at dog and do not nag!