1. Sit/Down/Stand

2. Heeling

3. Sit/Stay

4. Come Forth golden

5. Change of Pace:

6. Long Down:

Purpose: To be able to leave your dog for long periods of time

Down dog in room (not blocking doorway, TV, etc.). Say: “STAY” and give a hand signal. If you sit down give a “courtesy” stay when you sit down and again when you get up to return to your dog. Return to your dog, and release by saying: “HEEL,” “OKAY,” or your release word. Praise your dog saying: “GOOD DOWN STAY.”
REMEMBER: If your dog gets up — return the dog to the same place and leave again.

7. Long Line Recall:
Call your dog one time, and if he/she does not come, give one solid jerk. When your dog gets to you, praise, praise, praise!!! The words are: “GOOD COME!!! GOOD COME!!!”

REMEMBER: Bend down when you call your dog and SMILE.